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Nikolai Gets
Massage Therapist (Dip. ITEC London) / Traditional Reiki Master / International Speaker
Practicing Massage Therapy since 1997
Practicing Reiki Therapy since 1993
Specialty: Neck & Back Pain, Stroke Recovery, SCI, Diabetes rehabilitation, Reiki Workshops and Healing.

"I travel extensively to Nepal and Bhutan for practicing and mastering the art of Tibetan and Shamanic healing. I also travel to Japan, Russia, USA and other countries to conduct workshops and seminars. I have hundreds of students in New Zealand, Australia, Malta, Russia and other former soviet republics."
Tatiana Gets                            
Massage Therapist (Dip. CCNT) / Traditional Reiki Master / International Speaker
Practicing Massage Therapy since 1991
Practicing Reiki Therapy since 1993
Speciality: Siberian Abdominal (Visceral) massage, Neck & Back Pain massage, Reiki Healing for rehabilitation.

"My personal philosophy is to help women recognize their full potential as healthy successful and happy individuals. For more than 15 years I have assisted them to overcome conditions like Endometriosis, Infertility, Miscarriage and other by applying the Unique Siberian Abdominal (Visceral) Massage. This unique Siberian massage has been passed on for many generations to the women in my husband's family. His grandmother was very famous for doing this massage until the age of 90. People all over Siberia came to see her and got healed. She passed on this secret to his mother who is still practicing it at the age of 85. This secret was passed on to me as a unique family skill a number of years ago. I honour this privilege very much because I see a great result every time I apply it to someone."

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